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Ms. Lopez earned her Bachelor of Law (Juris Doctor equivalent) degree from the University of the City of Manila in the Philippines in 2001.  Since then, she has developed a keen proficiency in the legal and business fields, focusing on immigration-based client needs for individuals, employers, and employee recruitment agencies throughout the United States.

While executing varied paralegal duties for hundreds of clients over the past 20 years, Ms. Lopez has demonstrated a mastery of U.S. immigration laws, California labor laws, and laws of the Philippines governing the emigration of laborers, celebrities, students, tourists, investors, and others entering the United States.  She is intimately familiar with all forms of immigration petition, including without limitation PERM applications, labor certifications, petitioner's letters of support, Requests for Evidence and responses thereto, and immigration appeals.

Ms. Lopez has continued to expand on her eduction over the years, studying financial management, business law, and employment law, all of which has served to benefit clients by introducing a breadth of knowledge pertinent to most business and immigration matters.

Through her work with the firm, Ms. Lopez has also developed a proficiency in litigation tasks such as legal research, discovery, and trial preparation.

9440 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 301

Beverly Hills, California 90210

Tel: (323) 813-1126 

Fax: (310) 854-6902

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